Study in Dubai without IELTS

Study in Dubai without IELTS

  • 23 Jul, 2022

Dubai is the first place we think of when discussing the UAE. Scholarships for international students interested in completing bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programmes in Dubai without taking the IELTS exam. The majority of the universities in the United Arab Emirates have opened their applications, and universities in the UAE are granting scholarships to students who want to Study in Dubai. These courses will provide you with a degree. The study in Dubai program's funding is sufficient to pay for all costs. In other countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and the United States, where IELTS is required for student visa. However, IELTS is not required to study in the UAE, although there is a process.

Why should you study in Dubai?

According to the World University Rankings, six universities in the United Arab Emirates are among the best in the world. Computer and information science, education, engineering, applied communications, health sciences, and business studies are just a few of the many academic fields.

Universities in Dubai offer the best educational opportunities to international students. The Study in Dubai program is designed to help students reach their goals in a new and exciting way. The program is perfect for those who want to live and study in the Middle East. The program is structured so that you can do a postgraduate or graduate with a degree from a world-class university. This program is perfect for those who want to learn more about the Middle East or those who want to earn a degree in a global destination.

What can 7th Sky Education Institute do for you?

We make it possible for students entrance to study in Dubai without IELTS to the top-ranked institutions for education in the UAE. 
The Study in Dubai program by 7th Sky Foreign Education includes a welcome orientation, personal advising, a variety of support services, and a network of faculty and students. Our faculty are experts in their fields and are dedicated to guiding students. 

How to Study in Dubai Without an IELTS?

Study without IELTS: It is possible to enroll in the German English programmes without taking the IELTS test. 

By the time of student’s acceptance, present a certificate of English proficiency or Medium of Instruction (MOI).

The MOI is a document that a student's previous educational institution can give them attesting to the fact that English is their primary language of instruction. This demonstrates a student's proficiency in the English language, and the majority of Dubai universities recognise it as a recognised language credential.

Only the English Language Proficiency Certificate needs to be submitted to study in Dubai. Students mst inforum them that the language of the previous degree-granting institution is English. 7th Sky Foreign Education can help students in guiding towards Study in Dubai without IELTS.

If a student decides to attend an institution that doesn't need IELTS, they can also apply based on English language proficiency. rather than submitting their IELTS results.


A Study in Dubai helps students take courses from universities in Dubai. Students can earn a degree, or simply take courses for enrichment. They can choose from many courses offered in universities in a variety of subjects, from social sciences to math and computer science. 7th Sky Foreign Education makes it easy to find for students to study in Dubai without IELTS and helps students choose the right course in the right university.