Why Study in UK?

Why Study in UK?

  • 24 Jun, 2022
  • 7th Sky Foreign Education

The United Kingdom, the second-most well-known country among foreign students, provides high-quality education, practical knowledge, job possibilities, and diverse culture that beg to be discovered. To learn why we believe you should study in the United Kingdom, read this blog.

When it comes to picking the ideal study abroad place, students are frequently perplexed. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia are the main nations they consider. While it's tempting to just do what your friends are doing, it's best to weigh all of your choices. We have included all relevant information regarding studying in the United Kingdom in this blog. 'Why study in UK?' for example. ‘The best universities in the United Kingdom,' ‘the cost of living and studying in the United Kingdom,'

Why study in UK?

Internationally recognized universities

Four of the top ten universities in the world are from the United Kingdom, owing to their innovative teaching techniques and hands-on learning style. Not only that, but students have the freedom to create their own courses, making it the second-most popular location for higher education.

Shorter duration courses

In the United Kingdom, a bachelor's degree takes three years to complete, whilst a master's degree takes one year. This assists students in lowering their overall tuition and costs of living. It also helps them to graduate faster and find work sooner than normal.

Research & job opportunities

While the United Kingdom has just 1% of the world's population, it conducts 5% of worldwide scientific research and generates 14% of the world's most frequently referenced articles. 

Scholarships and financial aid

Another advantage of studying in the United Kingdom is that the government provides a variety of scholarships to students of various backgrounds. These scholarships are awarded not just on merit, but also on athletic ability, financial necessity, cultural background, and other factors. 

Free health benefits

If the arguments listed above aren't enough to convince you to study in the United Kingdom, this one will. The National Health Service will provide you with free medical treatment as an international student (NHS).

Best universities in UK

Every year, more than 60,000 overseas students come to the United Kingdom to study engineering, science, art, business and management, law, and finance.

The UK has four of the top ten institutions in the QS World University Rankings, demonstrating the country's outstanding educational system.
•  Imperial College London
•  UCL
•  The University of Edinburgh
•  University of Manchester
•  University of Oxford
•  The University of Cambridge
•  King’s College London

Cost of studying in the UK for international students

International students may expect to pay between £10,000 and £26,000 per year to study in the United Kingdom.
You will be paying between £800 and £1,300 per month on living expenses. This sum is sufficient to cover your lodging, meals, transportation, and other expenditures. If you don't live in an expensive city like London, it doesn't have to be as high as £1,300.

7th Sky Foreign Education

In comparison to the United States or Australia, the United Kingdom is known for its research-oriented teaching techniques, high-ranking universities, and reduced education prices. The country's immigration laws have also altered, enabling students to stay and work for two years following graduation. 7th Sky Foreign Education is dedicated to providing students with a one-stop shop for students who have great dreams. We deal with all of the transparency as a responsible stakeholder and visa counselor in Ahmedabad. Our services offer complete study visa assistance for Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.