SAT Coaching in Ahmedabad


SAT is a multiple-choice test created and administered by the college board; the score of SAT is used to make admissions decisions.SAT coaching in Ahmedabad is provided by 7th Sky Foreign Education.

The purpose of SAT is to measure a student's readiness for college and provides colleges with one common data point to compare all applicants. The college will review standardized test scores alongside high school GPA, the classes taken in high school, letters of recommendation from teachers, data of extracurricular activities, admissions interviews, and personal essays.

The importance of SAT scores in the college application process varies from one institute to another. The higher a student scores on the SAT, the higher the chances of getting admissions to premier educational institutes worldwide.



Most high school students take SAT. It's essential to re-take the test if a student needs to raise scores before applying to college.


Amongst the benefits of appearing for the SAT exam, some of them have been listed below:

  • SAT gives an even playing field to all the students. This helps the College Board maintain the variability in class selection, grading, and curricula in different high schools across the world.
  • SAT helps candidates learn how to score high with dedicated test prep and improve one's chances of getting admission to competitive schools.
  • Taking the SAT helps students comprehend questions and be familiar with what is going on in classrooms across the globe.
  • The exam also expands access to scholarship money from a lot of top colleges.
  • The SAT exam is lighter on Math. It focuses more on algebra, geometry and trigonometry.


The SAT registration only has one requirement, and it is that a student must have a valid original passport if a student appears for the examination. Registering for the SAT is a straightforward process. Like most examinations, for SAT, students have to apply online; in some situations, the students can apply by mail.

Online registration:

  1. Students need to register online and create a profile of themselves on the College Board website.
  2. Students need to fill the complete SAT application form thoroughly on the website and create a corresponding student profile
  3. Once all the personal and educational details are filled in, students must select the test and test centre for the examination.
  4. Then, students have to upload a clear photograph of themselves on the form.
  5. After this, students have to pay the respective examination fee online and submit the application.
  6. After submission, once an examination admission ticket is available, students only need to print that for examination.


A. Reading section:

In SAT, the reading section is 65 minutes long and comprises 52 multiple-choice questions. These questions are based on five passages, and all questions are evidence-based; the student is required to interpret and analyze the text given in the passages

The questions asked in the reading section are generally of three types: -

  1. Factual questions are depending directly or indirectly upon the main idea of the passage.
  2. Rhetoric questions that will ask to discuss the meaning, style, or tone of the passage.
  3. The Synthesis questions will draw a conclusion or connection between given passages, graphics, charts or tables.

B. Writing Section:

In SAT, the writing and language section is 35 minutes long and comprises 44 multiple choice questions based on four passages. The writing and language section focuses on students' ability to analyze and edit the passage's content, which means the student will have to correct grammar and make changes. Students are asked to edit/rectify errors in sentences within the passage, identify sentences that correct the misinterpretation of graphical data. These select sentences sharpen an argument or add relevant supporting detail

C. SAT Mathematics Section:

In SAT examination, the mathematics section evaluates mathematical reasoning skills, and students are given grades in a score range of 200-800 points. The mathematics section is 80 minutes long and contains 58 questions, of which 80% questions are multiple-choice. Still, the remaining 20% of questions are student-produced response questions known as Grid-ins. The student solves the problem and enters an answer by circling/shading the appropriate numbers.

The Math Test is divided into four main areas:

  1. Heart of Algebra, where the student will be asked to create or solve algebraic equations like linear equations.
  2. Problem Solving and Data Analysis, where the student will solve questions using ratios, percentages and proportional reasoning or interpret data of given graphs and tables.
  3. Once all the personal and educational details are filled in, students must select the test and test centre for the examination.
  4. Passport to Advanced Math, in which students will solve complex mathematical equations and functions.
  5. Mathematics which include questions based on geometry, Trigonometry and Area & Volume.

How is the SAT Scored?

SAT has two main sections- Evidence-based Reading and Writing and Mathematics. Students can score between 200 and 800 in each of the two sections, making a total score of 1600. Students can attempt all the questions; points are not deducted for incorrect answers, meaning The SAT essay is scored separately. The essay is scored twice; the student can get a score of 1-4 both times, making the total possible score of 8 points.