Study Abroad after 12th

Study Abroad after 12th

  • 23 Sep, 2021
  • 7th Sky Foreign Educatrion

When it comes to education, we all want the best for ourselves. To study abroad after the 12th is an option many may wish to seek. Education in a foreign country is a dream many of us plan and want to achieve. A career and foreign education consultant can take care of everything related to turning students' dreams of foreign education into realization. They can make the dreams of boosting students' careers come true.


Each year, many students inquire about overseas education; they are mainly concerned about getting admission into a good university and its costs. Getting a student visa is also a concern. The job of an overseas consultant is to find out the best courses to send a student to study abroad after 12th and also according to the field of education a student wants to pursue and find out the perfect university which will be beneficial for the student.


A good consultant will provide an option in courses and universities to the student and know about admission and even lodging and boarding. Once the university is selected, the consultant will take care of students' documents and work on the documents regarding attestation.


Since the application procedure for a student visa requires a lot of precision, organization, and skills, a foreign education consultant will make the process a lot easy. An overseas education advisor will play a critical role in completing the applications and putting up the paperwork for a student.

Some benefits and advantages of using an overseas education consultant are:

Expertise and Skills 
If a student wants to study overseas and take advantage of foreign education, choosing the right course at the correct institute is crucial. The overseas education consultant will assist the student in selecting the course that will best fit the student's subject of interest. The consultants send the students a list of educational institutes that offer courses a student may want to pursue. A knowledgeable overseas education consultant will also advise students about an educated career option to have a better, brighter future.

Knowledge is key to success 
Education consultants who work for students getting admissions in foreign countries are more knowledgeable about visas, admission procedures, and other information. As a result, if students apply for a student visa through these consultants, they can prevent mistakes in processing documents and get the visa and admission process done efficiently.

The smooth, streamlined application process
educational advisors have agreements with colleges, making the admissions process much more straightforward than if the students submitted by themselves. This direct contact with educational institutes speeds up admission, preparing finances, paying fees, processing all related documents, and finally submitting the visa application. Throughout this process, the consultants clear up any questions students might have about the procedures and relieve a lot of delay and stress.

Visa and tuition Packages 
Any education consultancies working for admission in education institutes abroad must guarantee that the students will get everything required to process admission-related formalities under one roof. The consultancy knows what tuition fees will be affordable for students and how a visa should be processed for every scenario.

Quick outcome
A study abroad specialist understands many factors regarding admission to a foreign education institute. The education consultant will be able to tackle the queries of the student regarding admission.

Money well spent
There is not much room for mistakes when making a life decision like going to a foreign land for education. That is the reason foreign education consultants follow a straightforward process that improves the chances of obtaining a visa for any student. foreign education consultants provide you with the most up-to-date information on countries, courses, part-time work openings, and careers for a fee you can afford, and help students get closer to your aim.

Procedures followed by Abroad education consultants

1. Student Profile Evaluation: The foreign education consultant will first evaluate the student’s profile before advising the right institute and course options.


2. University selection: The education consultant will help students find the right university with a good reputation and offer instructions to get admission. The consultant will also assist a student in making a final decision about the institute he/she may want to pursue.


3. Admissions Processing: Students will be assisted in filling out their admissions forms, preparing their financial papers, and regarding visa applications.


4. Documentation: The education consultant can specify the documents that are required. The consultant will help the students in putting together all documents properly ahead of time. They will also handle the education loan process, taking into account students’ requirements.


5. School Loans: The education consultant will provide all relevant information about education loans and will assist in acquiring loans and financial help.


6. Preparation of a Statement of Intent (SOP): The consultant will assist students in writing a perfect SOP. The consultants understand students’ research field’s nature and are aware of the career goal behind students' decision to study in a foreign land.


7. Visa Processing: The consultant will provide detailed information on the visa process and assist to prepare for the visa interview. Consultants keep themselves up to date about the most current requirements, immigration laws, and visa checklists.


8. The process after admission: Once the education institution delivers an acceptance letter to the student, the consultants assist with lodging and boarding and financial management, among other things.


Hence it is always better to engage abroad study consultancies to get all advantages for an easier admission process.