Student Visa Rejection

  • 1 Jan, 1970

Did you know that you can avoid visa rejection by following these simple things?

Can you imagine the excitement and thrill of getting admission to a college or university in the USA? Yes, it is indeed an extraordinary moment. American institutes accept only the best candidates. Hence, their scrutiny and checking procedure is strict.

When you take admission to the US institutes, it is going to change your life. Studying there will impact the career, and therefore, you should try the best to avoid student visa rejection.

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What things impact visa processing and trigger rejections?  Read this blog to know some of the prominent tips to avoid visa rejection.

You show intentions to settle in the US after graduation

It is one of the commonest reasons behind student visa rejection. You should make it as clear as you can that you are going to the US for studies only. You do not have the slightest reason to stay there.

When the officials get convinced about it, the chances of your visa acceptance increase.

You do not show financial strength

You must convince the officials that you have sufficient finances to live in the US. When you fail this, it becomes impossible to convince the visa processing officials. They think that you will find a job there to fund your studies. It contradicts the purpose of applying for a student visa.

It is one of the important tips to avoid visa rejection.

Your university degree does not look legitimate

By no means, the visa processing officials should doubt your degree. It could be a major reason to reject your student visa application. If the university is not accredited, then the chances of rejection will increase.

The school has to be approved by the Student and Exchange Visitors Program.

Your family members live in the US

If your family members live in the US, then it raises the suspicion of the officers. They think that either you will be applying for a student visa under a false pretext or you are going to immigrate to the US after finishing the studies. You will pursue a career there and will not have any intention to come back to India.

You are not confident and positive during the interview

It is essential to stay positive during the interview. You may not give the exact answers, or you get surprised by an unexpected question. There is no problem with that. However, if you do not appear confident during the whole interview, then it creates a wrong impression.

No matter what, you should not lose your nerves when the interviewers fire questions.


The interview is an important phase in your visa processing step. You might have heard so many cases where people lost the chance of getting a visa just because they became nervous during the personal interaction with visa approving authorities.  This blog highlighted a few of the reasons in detail.