New Zealand Student Visa Consultant

New Zealand Student Visa Consultant

  • 1 Apr, 2020
  • 7th Sky Foreign Education

If you are looking New Zealand student visa consultant then you are at right place, we not only help students to get student visa for New Zealand but also provide end to end assistance in the entire process. As we all know that student visas are generally needed to study at an institute abroad, whether at school or higher education level.

Here in this blog post we will write about everything you need to know about student visa for New Zealand.

Before starting our expert advice as a leading New Zealand student visa conszultant, it is important to understand that the visa you need will depend on the type of study you want to do, and how long you want to stay. There are many graduation and post-graduation along with doctoral program courses are available in various universities across New Zealand. As far as international students from India is concern Diplomas, PG Diplomas, Bachelor and Master degrees are the most favourite choice especially among Gujarati students.

Student Visa for New Zealand

As a developed country and having the world class educational institutions New Zealand offers an array of visas that allow you to go to school, take a course or do other training. Usually for the courses which has 3+ month duration and consider full time for that you need student visa for New Zealand. In order to apply for New Zealand student visa, you need following documentation –

  1. A valid passport
  2. Your choice of course should be approved from New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  3. Respective documents of your education and degree
  4. Student visa application form
  5. Visa application fee receipt
  6. Tuition fee receipt showing payment to date
  7. Evidence to show sufficient funds in your bank account to cover your living expenses
  8. A police certificate if you are planning for 24 months program
  9. Full medical examination reports
  10. In some cases, financial undertaking by sponsors to cover accommodation and living expenses during your study.

Above list is minimum requirement for any course or certification in New Zealand however it may vary depends on the specific course or university you are applying for.

The Final Say!

As a leading New Zealand student visa consultant in Gujarat we provided all the essential information about student visa however if you have specific query or concern and dilemma of choosing right course then you can contact one of our experts at 7th Sky Foreign Education. We have dedicated team for New Zealand student visa which will assist you from the start and help you to fulfil your dream to study in New Zealand.