IELTS Coaching Centre

IELTS Coaching Centre

  • 15 Oct, 2020
  • 7th Sky Foreign Education

Your dream to study at one of the best universities or colleges in the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand can be called a very promising one. Your study here may open immense possibilities for you and shape your career in unforeseen ways. But the dream may easily shatter if you fail to show your language proficiency in English.

Being an aspiring candidate, you must be already aware of this aspect and must be working really hard to clear IELTS in one attempt. Well, so! But don’t forget that English is a foreign language for Indians and this test is not an easy nut to crack. It not only requires linguistic knowhow but also requires practice of relevant questions in the guidance of experts.

Be glad that India’s most preferred and highly dedicated IELTS coaching centre in Ahmadabad is always there for you. This coaching centre known as 7th Sky Foreign Education has long been helping students in understanding the structure of this test called IELTS. The tutors at this institute are competent and experienced and so your success in IELTS is more than assured when you study here.

Why is IELTS tough

International English Language Test System or IELTS has four different modules and you have to score in each module to get through. These modules are divided into two parts – receptive skills and productive skills.

Reading and listening fall under the receptive skills as they test your level of receptivity in terms of reading and listening. Writing and speaking are productive skills as they want you to produce something based upon the questions asked or topics given.

You may be good in some skills, but from IELTS point of view, every skill is important. To harness your weaker aspects, you need coaching and that should come from experienced tutors as at 7th Sky Foreign Education.

How does a coaching centre help

At a professional IELTS centre in Ahmadabad, you receive hands-on experience of the test and experience that the fear of facing this internationally acclaimed text has receded. The teachers here take you through each and every aspect of the modules. You appear for mock tests which rightly ready you for the test. Such an elaborate exposure to IELTS naturally ensures you a positive outcome.

Clearing IELTS for the purpose of obtaining visa or studying abroad should not be the only purpose of your preparation. When you prepare for IELTS in the supervision of experienced faculties, your linguistic proficiency obviously rises above average. This eventually helps in you when you actually get into your intended university and start studying there, and also in the career further.


Clearing IELTS sounds a challenging affair initially. However, the moment you get the company of experienced IELTS teachers in the well-facilitated environment of an IELTS coaching centre in Ahmadabad like 7th Sky Foreign Education, you become surer about your success. So get rid of doubts and take the first step to open the gateway of a shining, successful career and a rewarding life!