IELTS tuition in Ahmedabad

How much is IELTS tuition in Ahmedabad?

  • 15 Feb, 2023
  • 7th Sky Foreign Education

IELTS is an International English Testing System coaching that helps to enhance your skills to attempt a test that you need to move to another nation for education and migration. IELTS coaching helps to improve communicative skills in the English language. 7th Sky Education offers best IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad, we have certified tutors who will help you with your IELTS preparations. 

IELTS also guides you to upgrade your abilities to read, write, speak and listen in English in a better way. IELTS coaching helps students to understand the use of a language in their daily tasks. If a candidates complete theri duration of IELTS coaching,  accomplish all the tasks assigned by the trainer and follow all the guidelines, then one shall get their desired score.

IELTS Consultant in Ahmedabad

The IELTS exam measures your proficiency in English in four skills: writing, reading, listening and speaking and at 7th sky education well-known student visa consultant in Ahmedabad have designed our course in a way that will assist you to improve all four skills. Our institute has been well-established and has a successful track record. At our institute we have highly qualified and experienced trainers, who are committed to help you get your desired bands.

How will 7th sky education’s IELTS course be helpful for you?

Our courses are designed in detail that will not only help you to ace your desired score but also achieve the best in your career. We provide general training for IELTS, IELTS speaking, IELTS writing, IELTS listening and IELTS reading.

Format of the IELTS classes in Ahmedabad at 7th Sky Education

Duration of our course

12 months



Lecture Hours

4hours Lecture (Grammar batch complementary)


11 books with grammar book

Mock Tests

More than 50 mock tests

Morning Batches Timings


8 AM to 10 AM

10 AM to 12 AM

Evening Batches Timings


5 PM to 7 PM

7 PM to 9 PM


The IELTS course has two different modules: Academic Module, General Training Module and at our center we are providing coaching for both the modules.

IELTS Classes in Ahmedabad tuition fees










At 7th Sky Education we have divided our course into three level:

Basic Level: This is for the people who have just started learning English.
Medium Level: This is for the people who have basic knowledge of English but not getting their desired score.
Advance Level: This is for the people who have a strong understanding of the English language and want to improve their score. 

Concluding Words:

If you want to study abroad but are struggling to achieve your best score you must need to invest in some good IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad. These types of courses will help you to achieve your best possible score in the IELTS exam. At 7th Sky Education we are providing coaching to students of all levels. The environment at our education center is best that will help you to grow and learn. Student visa consultant in Ahmedabad, 7th Sky Education helping to achieving their dreams to study abroad.