Accomodation for Student

7th Sky Education - arranges airport pick up and accommodation placement service.
Students are required to share their flight itinerary few weeks prior to departure from their home country.

Accomodation for Student

Commonly used accommodation types :

Flatting & Sharing: Most Indian students use PG / sharing house services in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, USA etc.. Its being cheapest and finest options for them as they share the property with other young students and they can customise their living style i.e. coocking, timing, gorcery, electricity facilities, entertainment facilities etc.. as per their own requirement and budget.

Flatting is where students live together and share the cost of rental and day to day expenses including groceries, water/electricity bills and internet. Flatting is a wonderful way to make friends and at the same time live independently.

PG & Homestay: Living with a host family coming from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Homestay accommodation prices are generally inclusive of rent and 2 meals.Students must agree to abide by the rules of the host family. Where a student decides to terminate the accommodation, notice of few weeks must be given. All students must be medically insured.

We assist our students for cheap, reasonable and safe accomodation in Canada, New Zeland, Australia etc .. .Our strong network and old students and local agents of each countries help us and our students too.

Admission Applications

Admission is always a critical part of student visa proces, as reuirements,criteria, fees structures and many other factors are varies at various institutes . So we scrutinize each student's profile case by case.

Admission in Abroad

Our experianced process team is assesing the student's profiles deeply and suggest the suitable course options with considering below mentioned factors:

Student's interest,


Latest qualifications,


Location prfference and other criteria.

We do frequant follow ups with Universities and ensures positive and quick response We updates our knowhow through exhaustive information prospectus, brochures, CD's & application forms, etc..